Welcome to #ABetterWord

Welcome to #ABetterWord, the new blog from Chalice Press where you’ll find information about authors, their work, our books and other resources. We also hope it will provide inspiration for you as you grow a deeper relationship with God, equip yourself as a disciple of Jesus Christ, and go into ministry as the Holy Spirit calls you.

Chalice Press offers hundreds of titles going back dozens of years, and all of it is still relevant in today’s world. We’re willing to bet you don’t know about many of our titles, so we’ll provide samples of our tried-and-true work so you can see the possibilities in our books. We’ll also introduce you to our newer authors at the leading edge of today’s thinking on religion, faith, and our culture. Many of our authors have blogs that you’ll want to read, and we’ll highlight those. We also know we’re not the only content providers on the planet, and we’ll link to other resources.

We also acknowledge that being a book publisher means we can’t respond to breaking news rapidly. (For more on breaking news, see The Internet.) Social media has become society’s go-to source to express our collective joy or grief, and we join in that conversation on Facebook and Twitter. But beyond those initial 140-character proclamations, our blog will help us reflect on those events.

We’ll also warn you that we might get silly sometimes. We hope you won’t mind a little levity.

Finally: Thank you. You probably haven’t stumbled in here randomly. Something brought you here, and it’s likely that you’ve seen a Chalice Press book or have another connection to us that predates these couple hundred words. You’ve probably already helped us in our ministry in any number of ways, so thank you. We’re grateful to be at your side as you work to find a better way to build a better world. Just like recommending a good book to a friend, we hope you’ll share these blog posts, too! And subscribe by email to keep up-to-date on everything we post.

Brad Lyons
President and Publisher